Chromebooks In Modern Education

When we went to school, having a desktop to use in the classroom was astounding, and everyone wanted to take turns. But now days, technology is rapidly increasing with a new product out every other month, practically. Schools around thecountry are investing in smaller and more efficient computers in theform of tables, Chromebooks and iPads.

Why are Chromebooks becoming so popular?

Chromebooks increase in popularity due to a few factors. They can be more efficient when it comes to educational apps as they may have more to offer. They also allow a child to have hands on experience with a touch screen and the ability to hold it in your hands; while desktops or laptops only require you to touch a mouse pad and stare at a screen.

Interactive games on Chromebooks can help children learn better by working better with reflexes between eyes, fingers and overall movements. The ease of access with Chromebooks also makes it more efficient for children to use. Another pro to this is thatthey can be significantly cheaper than a PC, Macbook or netbook. Within thepast two years, over 30% of schools have adopted  Chromebooks as a tool to successandlearning. This is becoming one of the top competitors against the iPad as iPad can be a bit more expensive than Chromebooks.

The ease of access is not the only great thing about these Chromebooks. Chromebooks come in under $300.000 making it one of the most competitive electronic items in the learning market. Schools want to take advantage of something inexpensive that will help children learn with a form of hands on experience.

Chromebooks Statistics

While Chromebooks increase in popularit, iPad sales within this area have gone down almost 40%. There are over 6.500 stores that carrythese Chromebooks andschoolshaveadopted over 5,000 of these to implement within their educationalteachings.

Over 80% of teachers and educators want an effective and inexpensive tool to teach children with, especially one on one. Having an inexpensive tool such as a Chromebook will allow budgets to stay the same while getting more bang for their buck.

This significant increase in such a short period of time means that more educators are grabbing onto the thought of paying less for more education. One on one access for children with tablets will allow more time for each child to use this and study easier, rather than passing it around, waiting and maybe not even getting a turn. But with an inexpensive price, more Chromebooks will be implemented within the schools budget While there may not be as many apps as there are within Apple’s network, this is only because Apple is currently a bigger company and seems to be in a higher demand across the country, total, not just in schools.

As Chromebooks increase in popularity, apps will be in higher demand. This will allow an inexpensive and versatile technological tool, which should be implemented in all schools.

Another great thing about tablets is the lack of viruses that can be received through tablets. This will cut down repair costs, as opposed to PC and Mac’s that are in schools. This is because apps have to be approved to be posted and are less likely to contain viruses in them.

Chromebooks In Modern Education